Skylabs Booth Design

Skylabs Booth Design

Designing process of SkyLabs booth at Space Tech Expo 2019 in Bremen.

Exhibiting space was 6 x 3 meters. 3D concept design was made in Blender.

AI on the Edge of Space – SkyLabs is integrating the artificial intelligence into the high performance on-board computers, which will be able to process the big amount of data on board, so that only relevant information would be transmitted to ground. Live demo is presenting the power of AI in discovering the passenger planes on satellite images.

Booth station 2 – Showing the NANOsky I platform communication system at work.

Booth station 3 – picoRTU – Highly modular Remote Terminal Unit system.
Demonstration showing the picoRTU system at work.

Project SARA – Slovenian Arachnid Robot Adventurer
In the line with the company’s vision and strategy, in 2018, together with the University of Maribor, the SkyLabs company began preliminary activities to develop an autonomous arachnid – spider shaped robot.

SkyLabs Video Presentation